Common Fender Bender Fixes

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, a car accident happens every minute of the day in the United States. This means that there are approximately 5.25 million accidents every year. Many of these car accidents are not deadly though or considered major. Minor car accidents often result in not much more than cosmetic damage […]

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3 Big Transmission Don’ts

If the transmission in your vehicle fails, you will not be able to drive it, which can be a major inconvenience. Not to mention the fact that replacing or needing a major transmission repair can be quite costly. The key to avoiding an expensive transmission repair is to maintain your car’s transmission so you can […]

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How To Tell Your Car Needs An Oil Change

Oil protects your car engine by keeping all the moving parts well lubricated and cool. Keeping track of your oil changes and ensuring that there’s sufficient oil is an important part of car maintenance that will prevent engine knocks and keep your car running for longer. Regular oil changes are recommended every six months or […]

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